6 Tips To Improve Your Driving

If you ask your family and friends about their driving, most will proclaim to be a king of the road, slipping through the streets like Lewis Hamilton. Or so they say. It’s a fault of many drivers not to recognise what they do badly, with these weaknesses being the most obvious areas in which to improve. If you want to improve your driving, then you need to recognise where are your blind spots, and put yourself in situations to improve. If you’re not sure what your weaknesses are, then read on for some tips that can help any driver out on the road. Even Lewis Hamilton.

1. The wheel

It all starts at the steering wheel. Keep your back firmly against the backrest of the seat so you have a perfect field of vision over the dashboard. Place your hands roughly in a quarter to 3 position to allow for maximum control.

2. Vision

Eyes on the road is more than just seeing what’s in front of you. You’ve got to anticipate as well. If you’re on the motorway and suddenly a lorry or motorcycle joins, then anticipate the direction you need to move in case of an accident, as these vehicles are more difficult to control.

3. Braking

If you need to avoid a collision, there are two things you have to do. Slam down on the brakes as hard you possibly can, while simultaneously using the steering wheel to navigate to a safe area.

4. Distractions

Despite the introduction of harsher punishments for mobile phone use, many drivers continue to do so. This one is fairly obvious: if you’re less distracted by your phone, you’ll be more focused on the road. With the worrying rate of drivers who use their smartphones while on the road, having your attention fine-tuned might just be a life saver.

5. Tyres

More than half of all mechanical related accidents occur because of poor tire condition. The tyres connect the car to the road and have incredible amounts of power running through them. If you want to be driving at your optimum level then it’s essential to keep your tyres in top condition and suited to the weather. This will give you total command of the vehicle and goes a long way to avoid an accident.

6. Mechanics

Although you don’t need to know much about the engine to drive a car, gaining some knowledge about the engine and how to fix it can help you out in some sticky situations. Being able to fix your car makes you a better driver, as it’ll help you keep your car on the road and running smoothly.