How To Take Care Of Your Car

Whenever we own something expensive, we want to do our best to look after it. If we get a new phone, we buy a protective case, sometimes a screen cover and are generally careful with it while using it out and about. Our house is the most expensive thing we’ll buy, that’s why we make sure that every room is spick and span so we can live there in complete comfort. For some reason with our car, it’s a little bit different. We tend to go months at a time neglecting those parts of the car that aren’t visible. Yes, we wash it, but do we really take care of it? If you want your car to get into better shape, then have a look through this list of tips to improve your car care.

1. Replace spark plugs and cables

Spark plugs are an essential part of your car, as it ignites the fuel which gets everything going. If the cables which lead to the spark plugs are worn down, then the car may not turn on and may even be at risk of combusting. Replacing the spark plugs and worn out cables will keep the electricity flowing without any problems.

2. Don’t stop and start

Cars were made for driving, but that doesn’t mean we have to abuse the engine. It’s better not to have too many stops and starts as this will wear the engine down. Avoid this wear and tear by trying to maintain a constant speed, which will also make more efficient use of your petrol.

3. Keep an eye on the dashboard

For most of us, the different lights on the dashboard are treated as decorations, which are there to light up the interior and nothing more. However, it’s essential that we know what each signal means. If the check engine, battery or engine temperature light is flashing, then take your car to the mechanic.

4. To the mechanic

As mentioned above, if your car has any problems that are out with your range of auto knowledge, then take it to the mechanic without a second thought. Continuing to drive with any major problems can cause irreparable damage to your beloved motor. Want to tune your car up at a great price? Check out these Kwik Fit voucher codes at Groupon to save on your next trip to the mechanics.

5. Refill the tank before it gets too low

It’s so easy to just put things off until the last possible moment, but your car will thank you later if you keep the tank at a decent level. Internal damage can be caused by letting the engine suck the last drops out of the fuel tank, so filling up before this happens will help to keep your car healthy.

6. Check for leaks

You don’t have to be a car wizard to notice a leak, you just need to see or smell the source of the problem. Keep an eye on your hoses, with grooves an indicator of leaking problems.

7. Regular oil change

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to quality car care. This will keep the engine lubricated and prevent wear of tear. Try to change the oil every 6 months or so, but this obviously depends on how much you’re driving. If you want to be exact, change it before you hit 10,000 miles.