The Best Routes In The United States

Driving in America is a completely different experience to doing it in the UK or Europe. Whilst the best European drives run along a coast, or in tight little streets in an idyllic village older than anything in the States, America has those long, never ending roads where you can get lost in your own thoughts. These long roads are usually in great condition, making for a smooth ride all the way and are far from dull in appearance. Mountains and lakes make up the surroundings and are the perfect landmarks for long drives. If cruising across the USA sounds like your idea of a good time, then check out this list of the best driving routes our Atlantic cousins have to offer.

1. Route 66

Route 66 has been a hallmark of American driving folklore for almost 100 years, having an almost mythical aura that continues to wow those who take it on. It’s almost four thousand kilometres long and links Chicago with Los Angeles, two cities which are in stark contrast to one another, meaning if you complete the full route you can fully appreciate America’s diversity even between some of its biggest cities. On Route 66 you’ll also find the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River and a whole host of states like Kansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and the Lone Star State, Texas.

2. Overseas Highway

Also known as Route 1, the Overseas Highway runs through the Florida Keys and is up there with the most picturesque drives in the world. This is the southernmost highway in the country and covers around 170km, taking you from island to island to enjoy some of the most amazing landscapes in the country. Having the sea on either side as you drive along the thinner part of the highway is an incredible experience.

3. Route 12

This 200km route takes you into deep canyons and valleys, and locals will tell you it can be done in three hours or three days as there’s always a good reason to stop and take a look around. In addition to the eye pleasing landscape, the wildlife makes this route stand out, with the only free bison in America somewhere along the way.

4. Beartooth Highway

The north of America has some amazing drives, with none better than the Beartooth Highway. It’s only around 100km long, but provides awesome views of the mountains in Wyoming and Montana. The road winds for most of the journey, making it unique from the usual long and straight American road.